Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size limousines do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of limousine sizes. Our smallest, standard limousines are 10 passenger stretched Lincoln Town Cars. Our limousines range from that on up to the Midwest’s largest 30 passenger SUV Ford Excursion limousines.
  1.  How many people can comfortably travel in your limousines?
    We, the company, do not set the rated seating capacities. It is the industry standard of rating each vehicle determined by the seating arrangements and size.  It is based on each person averaging 165 lbs. sitting shoulder to shoulder within the specific seating arrangements for that limousine. Classic Thunder Limousines will not allow nor promote utilizing the full rated seating capacity of any vehicle unless the group is younger or students. We ask that when you book your limousine you look at your group and size and explain this to our company. For example, if you book a 10 passenger limousine and 4 of your guests are former football players at 6`3 and 230 lbs., then you need to adjust the size of your group or move to a larger limousine for the comfort of your guests. Please ask and we will assist you in your decisions.
  1.  Is your company safe and fully insured?
    Yes we are fully insured with a $5 million liability policy. Please ask us for proof. This is required by all companies if you have groups over 15 passengers. Our vehicles are well maintained and inspected to the highest level. Our drivers are well trained, experienced and have all the required licenses and DOT requirements.
  1. How do I book a limousine with your company?
    You can review our website at www.classicthunderlimos.com to review our fleet, packages and policies. Please call us at 877-582-5525 and explain your details and occasion and we will assist you with your best options and prices. Once you have selected your options we will provide you with our total costs. At this time we will then supply you with an invoice number which you will need to review, and sign our policy agreement on our website www.classicthunderlimos.com under POLICIES. We will then secure your charter with a minimum 50% payment by credit card or debit card. You will then receive an invoice number and confirmation number for your transaction. At this time your date and selection of limousine is secure and we will email any forms or instructions you may need to supply us with your details. Once we have received your details we will confirm that they have been received by email or phone. You may contact us as often as you like with any updates. We always confirm your charter in advance of the date. The balance of your payment is required a week in advance of your reservation unless approved by our company. All Proms require payment in full upon reservation and there are no refunds if cancelled.
  1. How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business 16 years. We have chartered over 1275 weddings to date, along with every imaginable charter including corporate, VIPs, special needs families, event groups, special requests and more, giving us vast experience and knowledge to offer you.
  1. What are your charges for limousine services?
    We ask that you call us at personally at 877-582-5525 or send an inquiry to our website www.classicthunderlimos.com with your date, type of event and size of your group. We can then determine if we are available, explain our packages and your choices in size of limousine you will need along with any other option you may need. Each package is uniquely designed, the size of the limousine needed a large determining factor. Some of our packages are set for a determined set of hours and some are charged by the hour. All these options will be clearly explained to you upon your inquiry. With every charter or rental we charge a 10% gratuity that goes directly to your driver. We also charge a one time mileage fee of 70 cents per mile from our home base to your first pick up location only. There are no mileage fees after we arrive, while your group is with us, or our trip back to our home base. This allows us to only charge your group for the time you are actually using the limousine.
  1. When do my time or charges start?
    We are one of the few limousine companies that only start your hourly or package charges once we arrive and end those charges when your engagement is finished. Many companies may offer a package of time and then start that time from when they leave their base until they arrive back. Others may charge an hourly rate for all their travel time to and from your location. This can sometime add considerably to your total charges. Classic Thunder Limousines does not start their time or your package hours until arrival to your first pick up location. As mentioned above, we do however charge a very minimal charge of 70 cents per mile from the distance of our home base to your first pick up location only. There are no charges once your charter begins, while you are with us, or the trip back to our home base once your charter is over. This charge only covers our fuel cost and driver labor to get to your engagement. We feel this is the fairest way to treat our clients, while keeping your cost as low as possible.
  1. Is smoking allowed in your limousines?
    We do not allow smoking in any of our fleet. This allows us to provide all our clients with the highest quality limousines. You may ask your driver to make frequent stops if you desire to smoke and they will respect your requests.
  1. Do you allow alcoholic beverages in your limousines?
    We do allow alcoholic beverages in our vehicles. We can not supply you with alcoholic beverages by law. We will allow a medium sized plastic cooler with a maximum size of 14 inches by 24 inches. We will not allow any Styrofoam coolers on board. Our drivers may ask for proof of age and our company will not allow any underage drinking at any time. If you have champagne then please ask our driver and he will open your bottle outside the car in advance. We ask and demand that excessive spillage is closely monitored by all clients.
  1. What amenities do your limousines have inside to offer?
    Each of our limousines are unique and have different features inside. They offer the highest quality amenities. They range from carpet to marble or hardwood flooring, mirrored fiber optic or full stainless fiber optic star gazer ceilings, changing or locked-in fiber optic colors throughout the interiors, ice bins, champagne bins, crystal flutes and glassware with napkins. Some have several flat screen TV`s, DVD and CD players, surround stereo systems with iPod hook ups, laser lights, strobe lights, intercoms and more.
  1. Do your limousines have privacy dividers?
    Yes our entire fleet does have privacy dividers for your discretion. We will not place the divider in the closed position if anyone is under the age of 21.
  1. Do you do airport travel?
  1. Are we charged for waiting time?
    Yes we do charge waiting time the entire time of your engagement. If you have selected a package with a specific set of hours then this is covered. If you have needed hours outside your packaged hours then we do charge an hourly rate. We never attempt to do another charter on your waiting time or during the length of your entire charter. We have dedicated our services to your group only. If you have a lengthy down time with our needs to return you back to a location, our driver may need to have a meal or acquire fuel but will always be at your location at your departure unless specifically instructed.
  1. What is your drivers attire?
    Our drivers are always in formal tux or suit. If requested by the client they may ask our drivers to dress more casual.