Classic Thunder Company Policies

Please Read Policy Agreement and Sign Below:


Classic Thunder Limousines requires a 50% deposit to reserve a charter for your specific date, time frames and vehicle. Deposits are non-refundable on all weddings or proms. Classic Thunder Limousines will refund all other charters if notified 10 days in advance specifically by appointment or verified acknowledged email. This policy does not apply to corporate accounts.


Classic Thunder Limousines accepts Cash, Money Orders, and the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Discovery. We do not accept personal checks. All Proms will be paid in full at the time of reservation with no refunds if client cancels. All other charters require at least a 50% deposit to secure the date and balances are due 10 days in advance of your event. If cancellation occurs with no notice in advance of the 10 day requirement, the client is responsible for the full balance and the client will be charged with the credit card on file.


Classic Thunder Limousines is NOT responsible for cancellations due to adverse weather conditions. This includes flooding, ice or severe weather such as NO TRAVEL ADVISORIES. In the event of such a cancellation, Classic Thunder Limousines will offer the client the opportunity to reschedule.


Classic Thunder Limousines chauffeurs have the sole discretion to ask and be provided two forms of identification with one of those forms a photo ID upon arrival.


Classic Thunder Limousines charges a 10% gratuity at the time of your reservation that is paid to the driver of your event. If the client feels your driver has done an exceptional job you may tip the driver more at your discretion.


Classic Thunder Limousines understands the enjoyment of listening to your favorite music, however there may be times when your driver may determine and ask that the volume be reduced if it is interfering with their ability to concentrate on safely driving or if the volume is so excessive that it may damage speakers. If the client does not reduce the volume when requested by the driver the driver has the right to turn off power to the music entirely. The client is responsible for any and all damages to music systems or speakers due to excessive volumes.


Classic Thunder Limousines fleets are NON-SMOKING vehicles. If smoking occurs in a vehicle the charter will be terminated immediately and client/clients will be returned to the initial pick up point with no refund. Classic Thunder Limousines will have no further obligations to the client/clients.


There will be a $200 clean up fee for any type of motion sickness of any nature that occurs within the vehicle plus any additional cost due to down time such as loss of business.


The following charges will occur to the client credit card on file for missing or broken glassware.
$10.00 for each broken or missing glass or champagne flute.
$70.00 for each missing or broken decanter.


Classic Thunder Limousines chauffeurs have the sole discretion to intervene with any clients event at any time when drink spillage has become excessive. Classic Thunder Limousines chauffeur will notify the client/clients at the time of the chauffeur’s decision. A fee of $125 may be charged to the client if careless spillage occurs from neglect or intoxication.
If champagne is to be consumed, please notify your chauffeur in advance and allow your driver to open the container outside the vehicle. The driver will then offer you your container. Do not open champagne bottles inside vehicles.
No food, Jello Shots, silly string or graffiti poppers will be permitted in any vehicle.


Absolutely no Styrofoam coolers are permitted! Absolutely no glass bottles permitted unless champagne or wine bottles.
Only ONE secure medium sized cooler (24 inches by 14 inches max.) will be permitted within the interior premises of the limousine at any one time. Coolers should not be so large that they interfere with client’s access into and out of vehicle. Each limousine has additional ice boxes for mixers/ice. All coolers will be transported in and out of vehicles by your chauffeur only due to possible damages to doors and seating.


NO illegal substances, weapons, or firearms are permitted at any time. No illegal consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. Classic Thunder Limousines by law does not supply alcohol to clients.


Classic Thunder Limousines fully understands and respects the privacy of all our clients at all times. The privacy divider will not be in the up position if any of the clients/passengers are under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Classic Thunder Limousines reserves the right to terminate your trip when any one of your group’s personal conduct includes fighting, violence, harassment, threats to other passengers, the driver, event personnel or people around the vehicle. Your trip will be terminated when any part of the trip’s group purposely damages a vehicle. The clients will be responsible to find other transportation at that location and forfeit full fare as a result of these actions.


Classic Thunder Limousines is not responsible for injuries in or around the vehicle. Please note that alcohol impairs judgment, balance and motor skills. We ask that clients use caution when entering or leaving the vehicles. We do require that clients stay seated when the vehicle is in motion.


Classic Thunder Limousines is not responsible for any items or articles left in the vehicle after the client’s event is finished. Your chauffeur will ask you at the end of your event if you have secured all passengers’ personal belongings. If by chance an item is overlooked it will be the client’s responsibility to check with our office and, if an item is found, to make an appointment and pick up the belonging.


No alcoholic beverages can or will be supplied by Classic Thunder Limousines by law. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed to be consumed by any passengers under the age of 21. Classic Thunder Limousines chauffeurs will have the sole discretion to inquire and to be provided with photo ID of any or all passengers. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be taken outside the vehicle.


If your charter runs over the time frames initially scheduled for your event an additional hourly fee will be assessed for that specific vehicle and due and payable to your chauffeur at the beginning of the hours overage. All overages will be paid at the beginning of that hour, and every following hour. If you feel your charter may surpass your scheduled time frames, please notify your chauffeur as soon as possible. Your chauffeur/limousine may handle several engagements in the course of the day and your limousine may be scheduled for another charter at the end of your charter. Your chauffeur can usually determine how many, if any, additional hours are available. The chance of our company meeting your overage of prearranged time frames will greatly increase in your favor when you notify your chauffeur as soon as possible.


All overages of time for flight delays are charged at $60.00 per hour. If your return flight is cancelled or changed to a different date and Classic Thunder Limousines has made the trip then there is no refund.


It must be made clear that the client or company that reserves the charter will be held responsible and charged for any and all damages that occur to the vehicle by him/her or any of their guests. This will also include any loss of business due to down time for repairs inside or outside the vehicle.
** Classic Thunder Limousines has found with experience that if the client/company in charge of the charter/event fully understands and helps explain and monitor our companies policies to their guest that these inconveniences rarely occur and have been found to be beneficial to all parties.


By signing this agreement, I the client, have read, fully understand and agree to comply with Classic Thunder Limousines Company Policies of time overages, damages, alcohol spillage, smoking and conduct behavior, etc. I also agree and understand that my credit card will be automatically charged $200.00 for any motion sickness or excess spillage. I the client also agree if these policies are violated by any member of my party, then the charter may be terminated without refund and any damages including any downtime and loss of income will be charged to I, the client’s, credit card. Classic Thunder Limousines is not responsible for lost articles or personal belongings left in the vehicle. Classic Thunder Limousines agrees to provide the services and provisions outlined in the companies policy statement as represented on our company’s web-site at

Policy Authorization